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Chestnut Hill Real Estate

Chestnut Hill is actually a “village” parceled out over 3
different municipalities – Boston, Brookline and Newton.  In the Boston part of Chestnut Hill, there
are properties located in both Brighton and West Roxbury.  Chestnut Hill comprises some of the grandest
residential properties in the Greater Boston area, but also is home to several
large condominium and apartment developments. 
The name itself refers to several small hills that overlook the recently
restored Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

If you are looking for real estate in Chestnut Hill, it’s
important to first decide whether the choice of municipality is a factor.  For example, if you want to send your kids to
Brookline schools, you will have to make sure the property is located within
the Brookline section of Chestnut Hill. 
Other than schools, both Brookline and the City of Boston have
residential tax exemptions, while no such exemption exists in Newton.