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Staying Warm: Home Heating Tips

In classic New England style, the change of season has brought about wildly varying temperatures keeping us all on our toes! But now that we’ve all had to turn on heat for the first time, here are a few inexpensive, yet effective, ways to keep the warmth in and save energy. Of course, if your condo fee includes heat, chances are you need to open all your windows anyway to keep your unit from becoming a sweat lodge.

  • A foolproof way to find the drafty areas of your home is to walk around with a lit incense stick near the usual culprit areas and investigate where the smoke wavers. Places to keep a special eye on are spots where different building materials meet, electrical outlets, chimneys, window and door frames, and recessed lighting.
  • Run your fans in reverse. Clockwise rotation of the blades results in redirecting warm air from the ceiling. Almost all ceiling fans have a switch that enables this.
  • Use pre-split pipe foam to insulate your pipes. Not only will this reduce heat loss, but it will help to prevent your pipes from freezing when the temperatures really drop.
  • Check the insulation situation in your attic. The minimum amount suggested to keep your home warm is 12 inches.
  • Replace the air filter in the furnace as needed to allow for better airflow throughout.

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