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Stay Busy…and Warm: Five Indoor Home Improvement Projects

In the winter, a particularly frigid cold spell or a gigantic snowstorm can keep people holed up in their homes for days on end. Instead of binge watching The Good Wife, make the most of your time indoors and embark on a few home improvements.

  • Install a backsplash. Not only will it drastically change your kitchen’s style, but it’s relatively cheap and easy to do. A brazen-colored tile can really wake up a tired, plain kitchen scheme. For a wide variety of materials, check out Brookline Tile and Stone, located near Brookline Village.
  • Grab a paintbrush. The beauty of this project is that you can tackle something as small as a piece of furniture or as large as an entire room. If you have the gall, you could totally revamp your house in a matter of weeks. You can even paint or stain all the interior doors to hide the dings and smudges. You don’t even have to go far for supplies, Cleveland Circle Hardware is an independent Benjamin Moore paint retailer.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat. You can save a ton of energy and money by automatically setting the temperature for different times. For example, you can program the heat to turn off while you’re gone for the day or before you go to sleep. Coolidge Corner’s Aborn True Value has several in stock.  The Nest Thermostat actually programs itself and allows you to adjust the temperature from anywhere via your phone.
  • Get a jump start on spring cleaning. This is the perfect time to declutter from the holidays. Just brew a big (make that huge!) pot of coffee and dive in. You’ll be shocked at how accomplished you feel; this is often the project that is the most procrastinated. If you need to stow your things somewhere, Chestnut Hill’s The Container Store has everything you can dream of for this purpose.
  • Add some greenery. Not only do indoor plants improve air quality, but they’re proven to lift your mood during a season where sunshine is sparse. Growing herbs in your kitchen, like mint and rosemary, will also keep the room smelling fresh day in and day out. Mahoney’s Garden Centers in Brighton is the best local place to exercise your green thumb.

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