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Tips for a Healthier Home for 2014

No matter what your New Year’s resolution was, we could all benefit from being healthier. Fitness and health experts have long championed the importance of overhauling your entire lifestyle to coincide with a new diet and/or fitness regime, so we figured we’d do our part and provide you with a list of tips to keep your home healthy this coming year.

  • Let in the light! While you’re at it, place some fresh flowers on your kitchen table. Having your kitchen brightly lit will discourage binge eating. The flowers will foster better etiquette and help you to eat at a slower pace.
  • Invest in smaller dishes and bowls. It stands to reason that if you don’t have as big of a portion facing you on the dinner plate, you’ll eat less than you would otherwise.
  • Rearrange your fridge. Be sure to place the fruits, vegetables, and leaner items in your line of sight and push the goodies to the bottom. You’re more likely to pass them by if you can’t see them as well. You can also apply this method to the work out clothes in your closet for maximum results.
  • Light some scented candles. This one works in two ways. Certain smells will fool you into thinking you’re not hungry, like peppermint, vanilla, and green apple. Inhaling these scents will also reduce your anxiety and cause you to avoid stress eating.
  • Try your hand at growing your own fruits and vegetables. Even if you’re faced with limited outdoor space and less than ideal lighting, you can find ways around almost any agricultural challenge with the help of your trusted friend Google.

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