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Good Clean Fun: Five Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Essentials

While not everybody’s favorite seasonal activity, spring cleaning can inject some new life into your property and it should not be put off. Even if you’re not a particularly organized person, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good you feel when all is said and done.

  • Let in the light. Now’s the time to replace those storm windows with the screens that have taken up residence in the attic. While you’re at it, wait for a cloudy day to wash the windows to avoid streaks. To help you save money on future utility bills, add blinds to south and west facing windows.
  • Fill it in. Your driveway has undoubtedly been damaged by the overwhelming plow presence this winter, so it’s the perfect time to repair potholes. It’s also wise to take a close look at patios, decks and railings to make sure they are all secure after the heavy snowfall.
  • Change up your tools. We think it’s safe to say that you won’t be needing your shovels or snowblower for another several months. Before you store your snowblower in the garage, make sure it’s working properly and take it to get serviced if not. Then you’ll have plenty of room for your hose and gardening supplies.
  • Look to the roof. By now, you’re probably aware of any leaks you may have and hopefully have already taken the required steps to mend them. Take a close look at any damage to the roof so you can schedule repairs before the busy summer season.
  • Think green. Now that the ground is no longer frozen solid and we’re finally beginning to see hints of green (grass!!), protect new plants by making sure your land is rid of the old. Pull down any loose branches and stray weeds. Now is the perfect time to plant vegetables for those delicious summer salads!

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