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Fall Home Maintenance

A good rule of thumb is to complete your annual winterization by the end of October. This may seem a bit early if you are new to the area, but in recent years, New England has been hit with major winter storms as early as October. If you need referrals for gutter cleaning or any other home maintenance jobs, let me know. For you non-condo dwellers, here is your punch list:

  • Remove garden hoses from spigots to prevent freezing. Then, you should drain them and store them inside.

  • If you have older windows, screens should be replaced with storm windows. They should also be wiped down before or after removing.

  • Fix any siding problems you can spot. Depending on the type of siding you have, keep an eye out for warped wood, damaged paint, cracks in stucco and missing siding panels. These areas can deteriorate very quickly in the winter and become a bigger problem.

  • Clean and store all outdoor furniture and cushions. Don’t forget about all the lawn accessories too!

  • Last, but certainly not least, clean your gutters and downspout. An alternative to climbing ladders and removing the fallen leaves yourself is to buy rolls of plastic mesh to cover the gutters and keep leaves and other debris out.


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