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Be a Localvore

Organic and local ingredients in restaurants and supermarkets are becoming super trendy right now. How about starting a veggie garden right in your backyard, or behind your building?

  • Take your pick. Decide which vegetables and herbs to grow by determining what you eat the most of. Better Homes and Gardens also has a useful tool that tells you which plants will grow best in which climate.

  • Figure out what you have space for and where you get the most sun. Certain vine plants can grow up a trellis, like cucumbers and pole beans, while tomatoes can flourish in a hanging planter.

  • Test your soil, then start a compost to keep it thriving. There’s no need to buy a soil test from a nursery, there are several ways to do it yourself.

  • Visit our local farmer’s markets, like the one in Coolidge Corner, and don’t be afraid to pick the brains of the vendors to find out what works best for them.

  • Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many vegetables to keep track of. After all, this is a hobby, not a full-time job. You can always barter or share for what you need, too.

For more information about starting a vegetable garden, here’s a Complete Guide for Beginners from the website

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